Along with just about everything else in Skyforge, your deity-in-training’s equipment is being overhauled once the Ascension update goes live. The credo for the changes is “less extra resources and bag manipulation,” which I, for one, can get behind 100%.

The number of equipment slots will be reduced from 16 to 10, and will consist of one weapon, one artifact, four jewels, and four stones of power. Weapons are the only item category that can’t be used by all classes. Jewels and stones of power replace amulets and rings and give players bonuses in two out of four possible categories: increased damage, health, critical, and impulse damage. Artifacts are new to the game and provide non-stat-related bonus effects, such as dealing extra damage when an enemy’s health is low.

The process for upgrading equipment has also been changed, and is now dependent on your Cathedral. It’s a lot of minutae to absorb, including how to obtain the best equipment, so if you want to get all the nitty-gritty, check out the dev blog on the Skyforge site.


  1. I am glad about the changes and can’t wait to get back into SkyForge. Hopefully it is even better than before, especially with no more progressive caps and the new way of progression.


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