My Skyforge character has 4,500 prestige and yet when I hang out in the Divine Observatory, I see people with 10,000+ prestige looking for action. Of course, I could never join them, or any friends I might have with those kind of stats (if I had friends, *snif*!), but that’ll all change with the Crucible of the Gods update, coming next week.

The update will introduce Prestige Scaling, making it easier for players of various Prestige levels to join each other in adventures. As described in the most recent dev blog, for some adventures, the player(s) with the lowest prestige will have their health and damage boosted and the difficulty will be set to Normal, with all rewards being set to the player’s actual prestige. This will apply to squad, group, battle, and invasion instances.

Any MMO with vertical scaling — which Skyforge definitely qualifies as — needs a system like this, though if they were going to introduce it, what’s the point of the spark limits, which were ostensibly to keep players relatively close to each other’s power levels? That reasoning pretty much goes out the window now. Maybe someday the devs can do a comprehensive blog post on just what the caps were supposed to accomplish.


  1. Well that for sure are some good News, and i can only agree with the Last Part, at first i thought it is to give people with less time a chance to keep up with others, but honestly that reason is just not solid enough considering that people without the time will always stick behind the hardcore player, that’s pretty much a Natural Law in MMO’s the try to stop that is kind of futile in my Opinion.

  2. This is good. One of my friend stopped playing because we couldn’t party together. I’ll see if he comes back after patch date.

      • took me one week’s limits to open slayer starting from lightbinder. next week i will unlock gunner. so the game is not that grindy it is manageable. the problem is after you reach the limits the rewards are shite.

    • Well im certain even if he returns it wont be permanent thing but just to please u. The game is too grindy to a point u have to grind 21903109390kkkk hours just to get the class u like. I did tried it with a friend too but he quit i followed shortly after. Just why is there so much grind if the mmorpgs usually are starting at the cap?


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