Dynamic events, zerg rushing, big bosses, blah blah blah… we’ve heard it all before.

Skyforge‘s big events, dubbed Alien Invasions, sound a little different, though. As described in a press release today, alongside an accompanying lore teaser, these invasions start out small but ramp up to the point where you’ll be facing the avatar of an angry god itself.

First, players will be alerted to the invading horde on the ground. After dealing with that, they’ll warp up to the alien ship itself where “conventional rooms and corridors are rare here, and monsters can assume the most bizarre and unbelievable forms.” If they can survive those trials, then it’s on to fight with the avatar, and if they conquer that, they can try a special “championship match” against a stronger version of the avatar, with a unique reward and server-wide benefits for the victors.

I’d still like concrete details on how the transition from “big group of players” to “focused group to take down an avatar” works — it sounds like you wouldn’t want to bring an unorganized zerg to that fight — will go. But if it works, it’ll sure beat the same old, same old that we’re used to.


    • dont be too fast, remember other games like Allods or Forsaken World, or Age of Wushu – great trailers, great showcases and then the game has nothing to do with those trailers

      • Well, in case of this game you can already see what early beta gameplay looks like and not just cinematic trailers. For example, you can search for “Skyforge GamesCom 2014” on youtube.


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