The berserker is the newest class to be revealed in Skyforge, and it’s clear that he could use some counseling sessions. According to the description on the website, he “cannot imagine a day without a savage battle.” Dude, try some valium.

Berserkers take chainsaw swords into battle and use them to chop up enemies like firewood, with attacks named Dissection, Crushing Throw, and Fracture. The berserker can also strike fear into his enemies’ hearts, reduce incoming damage for a short time, and toss enemies up in the air and then smash them violently into the ground. Really, it seems like the berserker does everything violently. How does he check his mail? Violently. How does he brew a cup of coffee? Violently.

The berserker’s ultimate ability, Gladiator, coats him in flames and smashes everything around him. If you’re not around him, he can leap to your location and then carve you up. Violently. I guess when you’ve got a chainsaw sword, everything is a tree.

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