Being gods, you’d think the protagonists of Skyforge would have already visited a vast range of distant worlds. Apparently not, as the game’s next expansion will see its player-deities making their first excursions off-world, travelling to a newly discovered planet with the mundane name of “Terra” in the New Horizons expansion coming next month.

A scan of Terra reveals the ruins of cities amidst a wasteland and air pollution that suggests a recent war. The jungles of Terra are crawling with the forces of the Phytonides, who are apparently using the lifeless world as a launch point for an invasion of Aelion.

You and other immortals will be able to implement programs, a new game mechanic, allowing you to learn the secrets of the planet and change its appearance over time, unlocking new content along the way. Pantheons that contribute the most to a planet’s programs will be immortalized in the planet’s stations and receive additional rewards.

New Horizons launches April 9 on PC, April 10 for PlayStation 4, and April 11 for Xbox One. You can learn more about this new update on the Skyforge site.

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