Skyforge’s first round of closed beta testing concluded yesterday (check out the Free to Play Cast later today for our initial opinions on beta) and players have been asking when the next round of testing would begin. Today, announced that the second closed beta would start on March 25th at 10 AM Eastern Time and run until April 8th.

The Allods Team will be shipping out another batch of random beta invites to those that have registered on the game’s website, but of course Founder’s Packs are still available for those that want a guaranteed way to jump into the free to play MMORPG.

If you played in the first closed beta, you can continue your progress (no wipe yet) but new content, including classes, will be available in the upcoming test. The new content includes:

  • Four new classes: Archer, Necromancer, Slayer, Kinetic
  • New Open World Zone – Naori Island
  • New Superiority PvP Mode – 8v8
  • New 5-Man Dungeon – Daren Facility
  • Two New Squad Adventures – Thetin Rift, Cronnel Platforms
  • New “CUBE” style instance – Nedder Test Area

  • Skyforge’s second closed beta will also feature a “special PvP activity” so get ready for that if PvP is your thing.

    Players from the first closed beta will not have to re-download the game client.


    1. My ONLY gripe about the game (Having played CBT) are the often tacky voice acting and the “lip sync” animation. The voice acting is pretty bad to the point where it might be better if they went the path of standard RPG games where they don’t really do the Bioware type of style where all the quest givers have a voice.

      Now that’s something that I can live with BUT the animation for them talking is even worse. Not sure if they’ll actually improve the animation, which is highly unlikely. The animation looks like something that came out of the early 2000’s.

      With that being said the game is AWESOME. It’s not VERY MMO with how some missions will be instanced and among them some may be single player (and maybe if youre in party) as well as typical MMO style of you go to that mission area from the main “hub” and other players will do the quests. It seems almost sorta like Destiny. Not to say there aren’t going to be “open world” maps, because they are. And the things I listed aren’t a bad thing.

      I actually prefer this style. It’s diverse enough to make things…well…not boring. If it was all and open world then you have the travel time you have to get through. This on the other hand has the Destiny style of drop in, do the mission, then go back to your main “hub”. While also having the “open world” area. Honestly I’m very excited to see how much they’ll improve from CBT1 (and even if they don’t it’s already looking to be a great game)

      • The voice acting in the closed beta are just placeholder files; devs say they’ll be replaced with professionals for open beta. Sadly, I doubt much can be done with the animations, unless the actors are really good at lip synching.

    2. From my point of view if you like dragon nest, vindictus and all the dungueon base mmorgps this is the game for you , also the talent system for unlock each class is really deep much like path of exile (talent tree), the graphics are awsome even for the first CB1 this game have alot to offer and even more to come.


        I played the game and ultil lvl 40 or something like that you couldn’t chose anything and after that you only had 2 ways, it has no deep at all, path of exile skill tree is 100 times better.

    3. come on guys this game isn’t that bad, it’s pretty fluid and good looking piece of art, at least it’ll distract us for a couple of days till a new mmo comes out, everything’s worth the time just to put our hands on Black Desert.

      • Not worth the effort to convince them. coma’s post says it all and there are many people like that. I’ve posted before ‘it’ displayed that nonsense and ‘it’ didn’t take the time to look at the other comments it seems and ask at least me “Why is it fun” since he says its boring LMFAO.

        • yeah don’t listen to COMA’s comments, hes just another random troll who played the WoW free trial and thinks he knows everything about mmo’s, i bet he never touched a girl nor played Sktyforge before

        • don’t get me wrong i like skyforge its full of new ideas , i am just afraid that they’ll make it pay to win like allods online .


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