Slay Better With Omnicells, New In Today's Dauntless Update

Jason Winter
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The 1.7.0 Update for Dauntless has dropped, called Heroes of Ostia, and it's introducing a major way for Slayers to customize their builds, in the form of Omnicells. Those are a new type of craftable gear that come in three varieties, each with their own passive and active effects. You'll need to reach Level VII on the Slayer's Path to unlock them, and Phoenix Labs has more in mind for the future.

Top-tier Slayers can also take on Heroic Escalations once per week, with battles against "new variations of keystone Behemoths with updated moves and combos" to earn elemental crowns and other rewards. Speaking of rewards, there's a new Hunt Pass as well, the Wild Thunder pass, and a new quest, Shocking Developments, which you can get by talking to Priyani after unlocking Restless Sands.

There's no new Behemoth with this update, but Phoenix Labs will make that up to players by introducing a pair of them to do battle with over the coming months. I've been told by PR that they will "hit you back up when the new Behemoths are ready to show off" -- which, based on how I usually do on our press previews, sounds like a threat. I'm scared.

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