Small And Midsized Dinos Get Some Nighttime Combat Advantages In Path Of Titans' Night Stalker Update

New skills will change the feel of combat in the dark.

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Path Of Titans Night Stalkers

On May 10, Alderon Games will be dropping a new update for their Dinosaur MMO Path of Titans. This update will arrive in the closed beta Founder’s Edition, adding new abilities to the game that will change nighttime combat. Titled Night Stalker, the update adds abilities such as Midnight Hunter and… well… Night Stalker to the game – abilities that the developers say will “increase the mystique and thrills of dinosaur combat”. Included in the update are a total of ten new abilities, and adjustments to small and midsized carnivores. Because those aren’t terrifying enough already.

The developers were inspired by images of watering holes in the African wilderness as night and, as a result, players will find that the water’s edge is an area of focus for combat. Raptors hanging out in the shadows and aquatic dinosaurs make everything more dangerous.

In addition to the new skills, the update also adds more dinosaur remodels and animations, bringing the total number of updated dinos to seven. Nine new species are getting new abilities, and 30 species now exist in the game.

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