A new goddess has joined Smite‘s Battleground of the Gods. Persephone, wife of Hades and daughter of Demeter brings powers of both life and death to the fight.

Persephone’s abilities allow her to manipulate life and death. She can revive herself using pomegranate seeds, grow plants from skulls, and use plants to trap multiple enemies at once. Her abilities can be pretty dependent on each other, so anyone playing Persephone will need to think several steps ahead.

A detailed rundown of Persephophe, her lore, and abilities can be found in the reveal trailer below. More information is also available on the Smite site.

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  1. Goddess of vegetation uses death themed skills…good job…I’m sorry but learn mythology before making up whatever you want…She spent 2/3 of the year outside of Underworld and if she made vegetables grow rotten everyone would’ve been dead by now in Greece (following their beliefs).

  2. A variety of plants could of brought more involvement from watching the vid. I have not played this game in a long time, so playing it, I wouldn’t know. 🙂


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