If you’ve been waiting anxiously for the date when you can play SMITE on your Xbox One, wait no longer! OK, that’s not quite true, you still have to wait a little longer. But not much!

The SMITE open beta — which, for a free-to-play game, is effectively launch — for Xbox One will kick off on July 8, allowing every XB1 owner to play it for free*. There won’t be a wipe, so progress from the closed beta will carry over, and players can do a one-time merger of their PC and console accounts; some conditions apply, so make sure to read the FAQ carefully if you’re considering this option.

* Oh, right, an Xbox Live Gold account will still be needed. So it’s kinda free, but that’s not Hi-Rez Studios’ fault. For more info about the SMITE XB1 launch, read that FAQ.

Are you excited to be getting the chance to play Smite on your Xbox One?

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