Hi-Rez Studios is dropping a new god into the fray of their free to play, MOBA, SMITE. Ravana, The Demon King of Lanka, spent a great deal of time sacrificing his own head until Shiva finally accepted the offering and bestowed upon Ravana invincibility against his strongest foes. If you like the idea of punching people in the face and a faster paced gameplay, but are willing to sacrifice late game power, Ravana may be the god for you.

Ravana’s core gameplay mechanic is a “build up” meter that fills up based on the use of his Chain of Blows ability. Fill that meter and your Prana Onslaught ability can do extra damage up to 60%. Combined with Ravana’s Overhead Kick ability, during which Ravana cannot be damaged, solo laning and jungling is where it’s at for Ravana. Early and mid game game be amazing for Ravana given the right item mix, but due to lack of meaningful CC breaks, late game can become a bit of a trial. End the game as fast as you can with Ravana on your team.

Check out the patch notes for a full ability listing and other changes coming as Ravana is released.

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