This might be a good week for some of us as far as Epic Games Store freebies go. This time, there are three new games available for free: Killing Floor 2, Lifeless Planet Premier Edition And The Escapists 2. If grab all three games, you’ll end up saving about $70 total — with Killing Floor 2 costing $30 and the other two coming in at $20 each.

For those unfamiliar with the games, Killing Floor 2 is a co-op FPS designed for up to 12 players. It’s more or less a zombie survivial offering where either 6 players can work together as a team or 12 players can take on the “Zeds”.

Lifeless Planet, on the other hand, takes place in an abandonded Russian town on an distant planet. It’s an action adventure game from indie developer Serentiy Forge and features an old-school sci-fi story. From what I can tell, despite this being the Premiere Edition, it does not appear any other edition will be made available on the EGS.

Finally, The Escapists 2 is pretty much what it sounds like. It’s time to escape from prison… again. While the base game is free, for now, there are several bits of DLC to pick up that will end up costing you a little over $20 in total.



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