Developer and publisher Snail Games is adding a new sandbox MMO to their roster. The free-to-play PC game, titled Dark and Light, was revealed at the ChinaJoy expo in Shanghai. The game, which has been in production since 2004, boasts a 40,000 square-kilometer world.

Built on the UE4 engine, Light and Dark is developed in such a way that all of the game’s systems — weather, wildlife, plants and more — are integrated to the point that a change in one will impact the other. Since the game’s original introduction, the developers have made a significant amount of changes, adding improvements to visual fidelity and changes to the game world — including more fantasy elements such as sorcerers. Interestingly, there are also aliens.

While the game was originally billed as a pay to play game, it’s possible that the time that has expired while making and readjusting the game may result in a free-to-play model upon release. However, all we know for certain is that a game many may have worried was dead is definitely far from it.

More information on Dark and Light is available on the official Facebook page.

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  1. Seriously guys, have you ever maybe thought that not everyone wants to listen to you being so negative? Snail games may have made mistakes in the past, but this is a fresh game and a fresh start. Stop complaining about a game that no one has even played yet! Did your mums never tell you to try something before you say you hate it?

    • That’s what happens when the mmo game industry just throws out nothing but cash grabs and milk people as mush as possible.

  2. it looks promising as long as it has no resplendence to dragons prophet .
    like riders of icarus looked so much like dragons prophet i did not even bother to install it .
    dragons prophet was weaponized ebola to the mmo world .

  3. I don’t know much about these dudes but sandbox mmos is one of my favorite game genres and it looks cool so far

    • Stop shilling, it is so sad when developers make fake accounts and post stuff like that.
      There is nothing “awesome” about this, it is just a cutscene that has nothing to do with real gameplay and real gameplay visuals.

      • dude i dont know if u have any problem with the developer but it not a fake account.i know it a teaser and i was just saying by feeling about this game and so i have high hope for this game.

    • 100% agreed Himaster and I think it’s sad how everyone thinks games are so awesome just by the trailer or the cutscene they leak even though they never seen the real gameplay yet.

  4. I’m tempted to try this game but I really don’t wanna use snail games USA’s servers they are crap compared to their asian counterpart. So if this game comes to snail games I’ll try it but I refuse to try it on snail games USA’s servers.


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