Snail Games has got something brewin’, pardner. It’s called Outlaws of the Old West, a Wild West-themed survival MMO, and it’s due for release in just over two weeks. Yee haw!

Developed by Virtual Basement and published by Snail Games’ new US-based publishing arm Wandering Wizard, Outlaws of the Old West is described as an “an open world sandbox crafting and survival game” set on a map that encompasses 144 square km. And what will you do in OotOW, besides wander around that huge map? All of the usual crafting, harvesting, surviving, hunting, building, and so forth that you’d expect in a survival game, but with a Wild West flair.

The game’s official website is about as empty as an Oklahoma prairie, though there’s more info on its Steam page. Early access launch is scheduled for March 12, and while there’s no word on a payment model at this time, considering that it’s Snail Games, there’s a reasonable chance it will be free-to-play. And, hopefully, better than the steaming pile of buffalo manure that was Wild West Online.


  1. Thx, Nice, Love it.

    Let PC the crap out of ROCKSTAR!! WHO LEAVE PC PLAYERS FOREVER LAST!! friggin a-holes.

    This looks like far more fun than your wonderful quote on that crap game “steaming pile of buffalo manure that was Wild West Online.” That game and its devs are so bad at game development.
    Good luck to this one 🙂

  2. If its going to be like every other survival mmo but set in the Old West I’m not sold yet. I have to see something that makes it stand out and worth playing. Cookie cutter games don’t do it for me anymore


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