Fans of Wizardry Online looking forward to tomorrow’s launch received some bad news a few hours ago. Via the official Wizardry forums SOE announced that the free to play permadeath title would be delayed two weeks until January 30th.

Initially, reasons for the odd two week delay weren’t given but later in the discussion thread Piestro, Community Manager, did offer up the following “items” as potential causes of the delay: “The transition from Beta to Live requires integrating with a good number of other systems. We are also planning to launch on Steam which complicates matters and requires other sorts of implementation work. Specifics aren’t necessarily meaningful to those who aren’t familiar with our internal systems, or particularly valuable. That being said we aren’t wasting this time, and are definitely looking to see what else we can accomplish. More news later this week I’m suspecting.”

These items seem surprising to me. SOE has known for a long time that it would go from beta to live and launch on Steam and had the date already released for those targets. What changed at the VERY last minute that made those goals unreachable? I certainly would not be surprised if additional (read: more critical) reasons were alluded to later this week.

Does this change your anticipation for the title? What do you think caused the delay?


  1. The entire thing was horrible lol. The graphics, the game play, the translation effort. No fluidity in animation, the load screens were abominable, the colors were washed ( and before someone defends it for being dark, you could have a dark beautiful world.) Honestly, I felt like I was playing a game from 2003.

  2. Ive played the game during CBT for about a week, maybe more. When I first read about it, I was hooked. Then I played it… All I can say is this game is not for me. Its slow, boring and overall crappy. The permadeath aspect isnt what I expected, maybe my expectation was alittle too high. As far as why they did a delay, who knows. :\

  3. Sure wizardry online had a rocky start, but honestly guys, this MMO has ideas in it that i have been waiting for in an MMO, and look what we got here, a hardcore MMORPG for the hardcore gamers of MMOs out there, unrelenting dungeons that can take quite awhile to complete with traps everywhere and enemies never stopping to kill you, perma death always looming behind you wanting to take your soul like the reaper it is, yes your char is gone if you fail twice at trying to revive it, but you have work around for the perma death system, offer soul medals and items and gold to increase your chances, and sure items you had on the char are lost forever once that char dies and is no more unless you place the equipment in the cloak room otherwise known as the warehouse which u can transfer items and gold from char to char, oh and lets see here, the classes are balanced then you all think, a fighter does what a fighter does, it fights and tanks and isnt as squishy as the other classes but still is, the thief plays like a thief, it sets traps, can stealth for a few and they do the most dmg when they back stab, mages are the glass cannons of the game, they do more dmg then fighters, they cast spells, use staffs for the most magical dmg possible, and there very VERY squishy, then is the priest, they are the healers and buffers of the game, they can be tanky if paired with the right race, but there main role is the support class, but other classes can heal themselves, thief has a potion they can make to heal themselves and later the whole party, fighters can also heal themselves, but the mage cant heal themselves, and also, just remember with the graphics, this game has been in the works for 30 years, so honestly the graphics are good for how long it took to bring this project to life, and also remember guys, graphics don’t make the game, its the game play, I mean sure graphics are nice to look at and good eye candy, but would you really want a game that had awesome graphics and crappy game play? I know I sure wouldn’t want that, so all in all give Wizardry online a shot and who knows you may like it or may not, its all up to you on how you wish to go about this game.

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  5. this :”perma” death not even deat, and if u dont fail hard or donate can’t even BE “PERMA”…
    w/o it game is very average grinder and lots of random.

  6. This game is just like any another mmorpg with some unique twists that make it even more interesting. 90% of the haters are probably whiny kids, probably typical COD players that in a game with something as permadeath get owned every 10 seconds and fall for every single trap in the dungeons. I played this game, still playing and the only issues i ever had was the lack of deep costumization and the controls take a little while getting used to. I never played any other Wizardry game so im not a die fan of the series but this MMO is staying for long. Final thing is, kids dont last long in this game so the little buggars arent around trying to piss people off, and make obvious coments that the game sucks without even playing it for half an hour :3 (also i still have never been killed so come at me bros XD )

  7. lol perma death is wasted on a game this terrible.

    gameplay mechanics fail, graphics fail, enjoyment factor fail, class balance fail

    playing anything other than warrior is well stupid. Only reason to play other classes is to take their skills on class change.

    and this is not even wizardry just a fail excuse using the name dont expect anything from it

  8. I don’t mind perma death since i have spent lots of time playing hardcore in action rpgs. The graphics get the job done but aren’t amazing by any stretch. The controls are a little clunky even with a game pad but i can look past that. The underlying problems which turn me away are the slow progression and pay to win products in the cash shop. You can buy your way past death and they intend to sell over powered equipment from what i gather. I wouldn’t mind any of it but the game progresses so slow that if you die and fail to revive it can take ages to remake the character so it doesn’t feel worth it to me to take it seriously at all. The concept is right,they simply implement it in bad ways.

  9. I think this game would be great if it had solid combat, customizable classes and unique dungeons. As is it feels like something from the late 90s with excessive bloom. Throw in permadeath and it’s ‘why am I even playing this?’.

  10. This doesn’t really change my anticipation level, but then I was always just kind of mildly interested in it. I had already decided I might give it a try after it released, if I got bored enough.

  11. U guys should be happy they are delayiing… its better if a game delays and releases a better game then to keep the game as is with the bugs and to release it and people will get piseed and they wont play it as long as maybe they should since its to buggy

  12. im sure they just want to fix a few bugsand improve the game overall its not suspicious to do delay a game. and if ppl dont like it COUGH ZHAOYUN COUGH, then by all means don’t play(game must be to hard for you) you’ll just be one less player for me to PK XD

    • u seem to talk pretty sure for someone who is just a fan/follower of this game and u don’t know me well enough sir to say u better than me in pvp also i never said “i will play the game”i was just expressing my opinion which is totally acceptable 🙂 i like to give my opinions for both games i like and games i dislike being able to pk people in a dungeon shows this game is not really a massive multiplayer since u can trust people only close to u(friends who played with u for years mmos or family and so on)i don’t really apprive that it seems we have different opinions and thats fine and with all due respect please don’t judge whats its “hard” or “easy” for me to play without even knowing me.Thank you and have a nice day

      • The permadeath aspect is highly overrated. Technically you need to fail to revive twice before you die, and the chance to revive remains pretty high until your soul rank raises quite a bit, not to mention you can offer tokens, gold or items to increase your revival chance.

        Besides, you have a warehouse of sorts where you can share gold and items with every character on your account (plus dungeon and quests are account wide, so no need to repeat everything when you make a new char) and to top it off.. if you permadie, no one can loot you….which ruins the whole point of it.

        Still, people saying they won’t play the game because they read it has permadeath is just silly. At least give it a try and understand the mechanic before you dismiss it.

        • thank you for your info but i don’t need to read any mechanics unfortunatelly there is a reason i dismissed C9/Vindictus and this game and that is cause their dungeon based which is the main reason i don’t play or will play those 3 games perma death was just a plus anyways thank you again for you information and have a nice time playing the game 🙂

          • You’re welcome! I won’t be playing it though xD I’ve tried the game and it failed to meet my expectations. Just wanted to share that bit about the permadeath aspect in case people felt discouraged from trying Wizardry Online because of that.

  13. i dislike dungeon based games i dislike perma death or even the posibility of being permanatly dead is just horrible in my opinion sure it adds a bit of a challenge and makes u worry u might die but when u actually perma die then u have to technecly restart from lvl 1 which sucks i personally don’t like this game at all but thats just me as for the delay for me its suspicious to delay a game so suddenly and NOT give a CLEAR explaination of why but we will see what happens wheover likes this game i wish u the best

  14. yeah the game is not all that great from what i seen of it i think that the game will not be out for long not that many people will play it lol that is my opinion

    • there were millions of people playing closed beta, towns were crowded. There are a lot of fans of Wizardy universe who are eagerly play this game. And it’s freaking hard!!!

      • Funny that, ’cause in OBT the population bars were always pretty low and you rarely saw more than a handful people in towns or inside dungeons.

        Doesn’t really help that they have 60 (!) dungeon channels for such a small group of people.

        • People from the closed beta knew the open beta would have a wipe, making it a little pointless especially since not many changes took place from CBT to OBT.

      • Boring combat, unbalanced classes (though people swear it gets better at much higher levels once you start cross classing and such.. but good luck mantaining a population that isn’t 90% warriors ’til then) and despite the fact that it’s an “hardcore permadeath” title, all people seem to do is bitch and whine that death penalties are harsh. It’s a niche game that seems to have serious issues with bringing new players in.

        At first I thought the game had potential since it had a different concept and the dungeons were kind of cool, but that feeling quickly went away after I gained a few levels and did some pvp: Dull, grindy and pretty lousy pvp mechanics for a game that boasts such a pvp-centric experience with its criminal/jail/permadeath system.


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