Most of us haven’t been lucky enough to try out SOE’s upcoming build-it-yourself MMO, EverQuest Next: Landmark, but now we may have the next closest thing. A treat of sorts, nearly 50 minutes of actual gameplay, courtesy of SOE’s official livestream of the MMO on Wednesday. The stream featured SOE’s Director of Development Dave Georgeson, Community Manager Colette Murphy, and Senior Producer Terry Michaels as they sat down to discuss many of the games features. Topics included the newly released founder packs, any wipes SOE has planned, resource gathering, the building tools, world size, territory control, and of course, building construction.

After showing off all the building tools available to players in-game, associate producer Eric Smith spent the duration of the livestream building a castle. You can see him begin construction at 24:30 in the video. While quite polished overall, I did have a minor OCD freak-out moment when he scaled the doors to the castle larger than the hole intended for them. Georgeson pointed out that although Mr. Smith was not an EQ artist, he was still able to use the tools in Landmark, which are the same ones the actual artists use, to create something impressive in a very short time.

If watching the gameplay made it impossible to resist EverQuest Next: Landmark any longer, check out our article on the founders packs here for more information on how to get early access to the MMO’s respective alpha and beta tests.

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. When I hear “next gen” I expect advances on every front; including visually. Visually this looks like WoW and Everquest had a baby; less gritty, less real-world style a la EQ2. More cell-shady, cartoony look. Yuck.

    It’s sad when TERA looks more “next gen” than this does visually. If I wanted lego “build your own crap” features I’d play with legos.

    Of course I know people are gonna flame me. I’mma just point out that it’s sad that people are fanboying over a game that isn’t even available yet.

    • Next gen doesn’t always mean just graphics. In any case, an MMO made up of primarily voxels which let you dig underground and collect resources is pretty next-gen imo.

      • if you used a peripheral vision you would be able to create just about anything, if you had people to actually play your video game. I would like to create a game, but I need art classes. I would most likely call it The Valiant Raven, and it would be good. If you want to feel like a bird all you need is wind. It would be like Devil may cry, but the total opposite and it would be on the clouds, and not the ground. You would probably be able to see it better if your national bird was a eagle. I don’t care how the graphics are, but I do care about the emotion I feel from it. Call of duty is not my style seriously, because really your living the bad part of our life. For every bad part though their shall be a greater part, because you would actually feel it. ~ deleted my Facebook have no where else to post my idea’s.

  2. This game is going to be really good, but it will be better in the future. Hopefully someone actually read my last comment that has not went through yet.

  3. “Most of us have been unlucky enough to try out SOE’s upcoming build-it-yourself MMO”

    I believe you are looking for the word “haven’t” 😛


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