Well, let’s just chalk this piece of news up in the “Not Very Surprising” category. Sony Online Entertainment and Acony Games have decided to bring the curtain down on their game show style shooter, Bullet Run. In a press release today SOE stated:

“After much review and consideration, Acony Games and Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) have mutually made the decision to discontinue development on the free-to-play FPS game, Bullet Run. As a result, SOE and Acony will sunset the game and end all game services for Bullet Run on March 8, 2013. We would like to thank the players for their dedication and support of the game.

All membership billing for the game will end on February 1, 2013, and players with platinum memberships will receive prorated refunds for their remaining time. Players with active memberships as of February 1 will be able to continue playing as platinum members until the game is shut down on March 8th.”

That means fans of the game have just a little over a month left to get their taunting and killing done. So, fans of Bullet Run, are you surprised by this or did the success of SOE’s other shooter Planetside 2 kind of make this decision inevitable? What do YOU think caused the game’s ultimate demise?


  1. it saddens me to see another game go tho this 1 was p2w … but whats even sadder is when i read threw the comments on this post and see that alot of mmobombers are plain retarded… i think what happened to bring the communty down is when mmohut basicaly sold itself out that alot of their shit fanebase migrated here with that 1 reviewer… while i like his reviewing the trouble he brought here isnt worth it

    • that and saying “pirates of the burning seas” and “Wizardry online” need to be shut down is retarded… both are not owned by soe and only 1 has a server ran by soe… pirates ditched soe along time ago

      • i dont think u should be “putting the blame” on anyone here just cause some people from mmohut moved to mmobomb cause of spunk(and ya i am one of them and i aint tryin to defend me or anyone who moves from mmohut here)if u cant accept that there will be people who always will want games to shut down or remain and be so obssesed about it that will post it cause its what they want well then thats your problem my friend either way i didnt like bullet run personally anyways p2w or not didnt care just didnt like it the “p2w” factor was just a “bonus” of why i didnt like it

  2. everyone is crying about its was P2W, i’m didn’t use a single penny, to buy something, i got everything freely, and i always nailed the first place,in fact, you’re guys are noobs:D

  3. I saw the news and posted 1812 Overture on my clan’s voice server. They banned 3 of our members for allegedly hacking, around the same time reports were coming in of a ton of legit players getting banned. That, and hackers don’t progressively start to miss with each drink, which that’s basically what two of the three did nearly every time they played unless they had to work in the morning.

  4. Not Only That … Soe Sold Pirates of the burning sea to a nameless gaming company called portalus games… Soe Is Surely Dying….

  5. Wizardry online next… They aimed for lower end PCs… there is a reason why they have bad PC. NO MONEY. THEY WON’T GIVE YOU MONEY IF THEY DON’T HAVE ANY. So yeah wizardry online is going to fail…

  6. I gave this a go when it came out, I’m surprised it has lasted this long. Personally don’t think it’s decline is hugely due to Planetside because it was just crap and dated.

    Wizardry Online is next to die a quick death, not sure why Firms / Studios think releasing games more suited for release 5 years prior will have a good run. Even old machines have a good stab at running modern titles so I’m not sure which market audience they are trying to take, especially when there are other titles with better gameplay / graphics already out there.

    Little gimmicks within the game won’t make it a success (in this case wasn’t it being in a gameshow, but it never felt that way).

    This is why I love this: Week 1 I make a small review and comment to SOE what is wrong with this horrible title, and how it could improve. I get nothing but trolled: “Oh you are noob, you just cant play”. “Oh your pc sucks that is why” (like my pc has anything to do with piss poor map design)…
    And now this! YES! hahahah now all these lost tools who played will transer to OHHHH I dont know…PS2?

  8. not suprised at all good game but p2w and i hate p2w games so i cant say i am sad it closes tbh i am glad ti closes i hope all p2w game close(maybe i go too far ik)next in the line is probably wizardy if u ask me but who knows

  9. Too many bland First Person Shooters,nowadays. Not only on the MMO market but in general. The fact that gaming companies can produce the same game over and over again, each time with slightly better graphics, and still make loads of money astounds me.I honestly have no idea how people can play full retail price for games like COD. I adore First Person Shoots when done well,but there has to be some thought and innovation or else it just feels stale.Good riddance,I say. Hopefully this trend will end soon.

  10. Well I think someone may or multiple people try to get a hold of Acony and tell them hey look in all honesty your idea for Hedone and Bullet Run were retarted but Parabellum was a great game and i would play PB any day I absolutely hate Hedone and BulletRun

  11. Yea I mean im pretty sure in their eyes the whole idea of a reality show based on the game would be cool but really all it did was make it annoying plus the engine they were using made it look so unreal it looked like a cartoon and plus just the recoil on guns was horrible plus ammo bad game at first….. but before “Hedone” and “Bullet Run” it was called “Parabellum” now they way they had it then was great it wasnt this reality show sht it was a great fps looked better not too cartoony but it was an outstanding game and then they shut that down and then came out with hedone witch started the Reality show sht witch was so retarded..

  12. this game cant caught a turn around. ;p from its beginning as PARABELLUM…..


    But i must say i was an participant of early alpha and close beta tests of Parabellum and at that stage, the game was pretty fine … it had some cool ideas like fast reload chance etc … but the close beta seems to take so long probably Acony or what they are call coulnd find publisher then they starting to trying to save it for exp … hadeon tv then SOE and prrr ..

  13. What is wrong with acony?? They keep producing the same fps. First it was Parabellum which was actually quite fun, but they scrapped it and later came up with hedone then bullet run. Which are the same as each other. I really wanna play parabellum again… ;(

  14. Yeah bullet run was one of the worst shit titles of all time it was horid and badly made and it always laged and I have 30mb internet so that game can frak off goodbye soe crap title of the century.

  15. In all seriousness I’m glad to see it shut down because it was a failure of a game and not sure why it launched. This was Acony’s worst game ever. I remember Parabellum when G1 hosted the game. For one it looked 10x better, played 10x better, infact was 10x better than Bullet Run. If Parabellum came back there would be a lot of fans playing the game. Thats for sure. Good Riddance to Bullet Run. Please NEVER come back!

  16. Well that’s a big shocker.


    This game was just not interesting enough. I loved the premise behind it, but all of the good things about the game were really the novelties like the game show setting and the announcers, who were engaging until they started looping the same dialogue in one battle. And of course, the customization was very lackluster.

    Sucks to see it go down, but the game took too many missteps to be redeemable.

  17. I was invited to beta test this one after renewing a DC online subscription last year. Virtually every recommendation made for improvements was ignored, and none of us actually expected it to launch, let alone last the few months it did. Hopefully other developers will take note, and use it as a template on how not to make games.

  18. Just too many other options.. Especially in the way of FPS games.. In the FPS market, people don’t mind paying to play.. So F2P FPS games have no advantage in that department.. They end up going up against games like Black Ops 2 and Crysis 3.. Even games like Counter Strike, CS:S and CS:GO have pretty deep playerbases (20k+ players at any given time).. Theres just no more room for FPS games, even somewhat well done ones such as this.. It really wasn’t that bad of a game..

    I think they would have done better if they had done something close to “The Running Man” type of gameshow where players could work together and fight a boss at the end of a series of maps.. Never heard of the Running Man? Then you’ve probably heard of Smash TV? Same deal basically..

  19. There’s a lesson to learn from this. Don’t try to copy Call of Duty! Or should I say, don’t bother making FPS game that uses same “mechanics” as Call of Duty.

    • Yea, I don’t see that game lasting for much longer than this title either. I keep reading how bad it was, but chalked it up to forum rage. Then I played it some and it was even worse than I could have ever thought. With so many games available to play I don’t see how Wizardly Online can last very long.

        • I kinda agree to that fact even though I like wizardry just to that old feeling to gaming compared to some flashy animation scenes, over detailed character design some people recently prefer finding in newer and modern games of this time there are some still technical issues that they haven’t fixed in the game ever since that of closed beta from looking in the forums but if wizardry were to fix it I wouldn’t have a problem like any gamer why not take a break sometime from a big flashy scene you see to every day and give your eyes some rest to some some lower grade fundamental games as to how they were back then instead of labeling it.

  20. Well, that was fast. Like a lot of titles lately…

    Who knows, maybe they’ll stop spitting titles like skittles and start to actually put some thought into them before trying to make titles for quick bucks.

        • Why would you ever hope a game shuts down? People’s jobs hang in the balance man. You must live at home with your parents and not need to pay a mortgage or rent.

          • @element20Three just cause case of a game shutting down doesn’t mean their losing their jobs if the company is still running remember that fact well also maybe relocate there resources into the other games they had and also this game was crap and a fake free to play so it a good reason why sony is shutting down bad rep and yes I played it.

        • POTBS is not shutting down anytime soon, Its moving to Portalus Games.
          Don’t know why you hope it would close down, Amazing game it is.


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