Solforge's New Expansion, Raiders Unchained, Introduces Raid And Formation Abilities

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Free-to-play online CCG Solforge has a big new expansion coming out soon, called Raiders Unchained, and lead designer Ben Lundquist recently penned a blog post to discuss the new mechanics the seventh set would bring to the game.

The Raid ability activates at the end of your turn if three or more of your creatures participated in battle. As such, they'll be well suited for decks that utilize a large number of creatures, even smaller ones. As Lundquist put it:

If a swarm of friendly bees get wiped out in battle to complete a Raid, it is all for the greater good.

While Raid is an offensive attribute, the expansion's other new mechanic, Formation, supports defensive strategies. Formation abilities trigger when a Formation creature is Forged with an adjacent creature on either side. They require forethought and effective troop management to use properly, forcing players to think several turns ahead about what they play and where they place it.

Stoneblade Entertainment is running some nice preorder deals in the Solforge store until the expansion goes live. You can get a $9.99 bundle for each faction that includes 15 packs of the expansion and an exclusive set 7 alternate art heroic card from that faction. If you want even more cards, you can get 60 packs and one copy each of four of the alternate art heroic cards for just $30. That's 50 cents a pack, plus the promo cards -- not a bad deal for any CCG!

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