Gamania Digital Entertainment announced that it will launch Soul Captor this summer. Soul Captor is the latest free to play MMORPG title to arrive on Gamania’s beanfun! platform and will offer gamers an epic fantasy adventure filled with challenging quests, comradery and magic.

Key Features:

– Soul System that allows players to capture and collect the souls of fallen monsters in the “Soulpedia”
– Captured souls can be used as mounts
– ”Anima” companion system with on-the-fly defensive, offensive or healing capabilities
– In-game cut scenes and rich storylines
– Friends system that allows players to advance bonds with others and gain buffs and bonuses
– Comprehensive Achievement System
– Advanced Autopilot System
– Player vs Environment (PvE) and Player vs Player modes (PVP)

Players will explore an alluring Eastern world full of fantastical creatures and are tasked with purging this world from a mysterious evil force. To get their adventure started, players can register to participate in the forthcoming closed beta test by visiting the Soul Captor website:


    • No not really, they are using anima is the more proper meaning rather then just trying too give a name too a system that did not have a name.

  1. Well..If they keep the same of GM-Community integration, then I can see these games doing well. However the thing that I do dislike about all the games they have offered so far is the generic level of their games.

    • Yea but at least the games look entertaining unlike gamigo and other companies which have random crap games or games that got beta tested a year ago and have not been released yet “soulmaster” Fyi, so kudos to Bean 😀

      • I do agree they don’t just push crap out. Their games are quality games, but they do have a generic feeling too them. While they also don’t embrace the pay too win cash shops, which is always a plus, which is one of the reason I can enjoy the generic game play. However the game is heavy on the community which greatly makes up for the few issues. Backed by a friendly and somewhat mature community they really have fostered is a great thing. Either way, I do however enjoy their beta policy. Small beta followed by a “Closed Beta” for stress test, while still looking for bugs. Instead of just oh here is a typo like other companies do with..many other games.

  2. with beanfun being so new and the fact that lucent heart has made alot of money and that they brought bright shadow which isnt doing so bad im happy to see there next 3 game line up and going to play all the betas


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