If you’ve been looking for a Sci-Fi strategy game to try out, you’re in luck. Developer Fifth Season AS has announced that their WMMO (Web-Based MMO — their term) AD2460 is available to play for free.

Players can sign up and start playing at no cost soon; just in time for the next content-heavy patch. Patch 7 — coming on Monday — will bring commander customization options, a new player duel system allowing you to challenge other players without losing your ships, and a bounty system.

More details on the game and the upcoming Patch 7 can be found on the AD2460 Facebook page and the official site.

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  1. The trial period is gone. The game is totally free, and they still have no pay2win.
    It also seems that it’s not that hard to catch up in most areas. Plus, the players in there seem really nice.

  2. +1 Cedangar, I still see a 15 days trial, it’s no f2p.

    The picture showing ships and a planets in a 3D environment is so misleading, the game is “just” a bunch of static web pages. In 2015, seriously…

  3. So, what if it’s free to play I still see 15 day trial & the game is just messed up you just start with a bunch of elite players that have over 260.000 points it’s not even worth giving a shot


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