Game developer Cybertopia announced the launch of a crowdfunding campaign for their new sci-fi MMO Astro Legends today. A space shooter with a large galaxy filled with planets, outposts, and space stations that players can visit, Astro Legends offers players the opportunity to explore alone or join other players in squadrons and guilds.

The game, which is slated to enter alpha by the start of 2018, will boast a variety of features including co-op play, campaign missions, a selection of ship classes (as well as the ability to customize them), PvP specific zones, and large battles with bosses and guilds.

Fans of sci-fi space shooters will want to give the game a look on its official site. If you like what you see, you can help crowdfund the game via its Indiegogo campaign.

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  1. Yeah, so the campaign has already been suspended. Woopti freaking doo. What a joke. Embarrising is putting it mildly.

  2. Lame, I thought this was going to be an actual space shooter, not some top-down thing. I want a new MMO with all 6 axis of motion.

  3. It will have free to play but they want to pre-sell the paid packs and give backers the chance to play the game sooner during betas and even early access

  4. Is this going to bee Free to Play? I went through their website and crowdfunding page, and they never explicitly state it is going to be F2P. Of course it looks like a Free to Play game, but still, they don’t exactly spell that out.


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