TERA is creating an all new serer for max level PvP. Only, instead of opening an entirely new server, the game’s developer is merging three existing servers: Highwatch, Lake of Tears, and Valley of Titans to create what they are calling a PvP 65 server for North America.

For the most part, this merge shouldn’t change much for players — as far as general activities go. What the server does do is make thing safer for lower level players not wanting to be ganked by higher level players. Those not wanting to participate in PvP at all can take advantage of free server transfers to a new PvE server, Ascension Valley, between the dates of September 9th and 13th.

After the merger, a new weekly feature titled Guild Battles will be launched. Guilds compete by setting up towers that they will need to defend during battle. The last tower stating will receive all the taxes that have accumulated that week.

More information on the server mergers and Guild Battles can be found in the most recent Producer’s Letter.

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  1. GinToki on August 28, 2016

    Is it Because the player base getting lower?

    • SAW on August 28, 2016

      because there is no content
      new dungeon > new gear > repeat

  2. geron122 on August 27, 2016

    Article has a few grammatical errors.

    • ASD on August 27, 2016

      LOL I saw those but I didn’t wanna say anything.

  3. ASD on August 27, 2016

    I don’t like this idea but at least it gives all the pro players a nice battle instead of going up against weaklings.