Chapter 2: The Fracture is now live for Spellbreak, and it brings a wide range of new features to Proletariat’s spell-flinging battle royale title. The Fracture also continues the story from Chapter 1: The Spellstorm, adding 12 weeks of free, story-driven quests where players will be tasked with fighting off an incursion by the Vowkeepers.

The biggest thing coming to the game with this update is the new Dominion mode, where two teams of five fight over three control points. In addition to other players, you’ll also have to contend with NPC Vowguards. Dominion launches alongside a new leagues system, letting competitive players prove their worth over the course of a season. Climbing the ranks will earn you exclusive badges and other cosmetic rewards.

The northwest region of Banehelm has also seen significant changes, including new points of interest and environments. There are a ton of other changes and improvements to the game’s matchmaking, talents, UI/UX, and more. For instance, you can resurrect a teammate after moving to the next circle of a battle royale match, and overall gravity has been reduced by 25%, which “makes going airborne more of a commitment.” Read about all the changes in detail in the patch notes found on Reddit.

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