Spellsworn’s First Major Update Adds New Skills and More Polish to the Game


Today, Frogsong Studios released the first major update for its free-to-play arena brawler Spellsworn since the game’s launch. The update coincides with the return of the in-game store — which hasn’t functioned since launch.

Of note in the update are two new spells — the Area spell Hydra Blast and the Orb of Travel. Hydra Blast creates a flying hydra head that explodes at a set distance, launching smaller projectiles that damage the enemy. Orb of Travel transforms the caster into a metal ball, making them immune to attacks and providing them with a speed boost. In addition, several other abilities have been reworked. And the UI has received some tweaks.

Since the shop has returned, the dev team has decided to add more new items including new skins and five packs themed to the game’s factions. They’ve also added a new Collector’s Edition that can be purchased via the Steam page. It contains two new skins and staffs as well as the Soundtrack. (It’s worth noting that if you already supported the game in Early Access, you’ll be receiving the CE automatically.


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