Along with everyone else, the folks at Dream Reactor are getting into the Halloween spirit with Spellweaver — and just in time. From now until Nov. 2, players will find a giant, grinning pumpkin on the world map. Clicking on it will reveal devilishly difficult daily Halloween challenges that can be completed for prizes such as Small Packs, Normal Packs, and even Premium Packs.

On Friday the 28th — which doesn’t have quite the same ring as “Friday the 13th” but eh, close enough — Spellweaver will get a new DLC deck to commemorate the holiday, the Duke’s Zombies deck, described as:

A very potent, yet easy to command, mono Corruption deck with a simple game plan. Swarm your opponent with endless hordes of Zombie Legionnaires and apply great pressure by making them deadly with Undead Necromancers. If your zombies die (pun intended) just bring them back with Duke Harsford’s powerful abilities.

Nothing rings in the holiday quite like a good zombie horse, amirite? You can read all about Spellweaver’s Halloween havoc here.

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