KoramGame announced that open beta for Spirit Tales, a cute 3D fantasy MMORPG, is now live. Players can now experience never before seen features like Guild Islands and Sigil Stones, and take part in a number of fun community events and giveaways surrounding the launch of open beta.

Spirit Tales open beta is now live and includes the following key features:

  • Guild Islands – Construct a private zone specifically for your guild and enjoy exclusive access to special buffs and content.
  • Sweetheart System – Commit to a relationship with another in-game character of the same or opposite sex and unlock special abilities.
  • Sigil Stones – Acquire these magical stones and equip them in your armor to receive special ability bonuses.
  • Enhanced Pet System – Capture, train, and evolve almost any of the Spirit Tales creatures, including bosses! Fight alongside your trusty sidekick, or merge with it to strengthen your own abilities.
  • Character Customization – With over 40 million unique fashion combinations for your character, the possibilities are endless!
  • Legendary Gear – Obtain these newly added weapons and armor to reap their extraordinary benefits.
  • New Instance Dungeons – Set off into unexplored dungeons to battle fierce creatures and collect rare items, recipes, and pets.
  • Level 45 Cap – Reach the top and gain access to exclusive new content available only to high level characters.

In celebration of the Spirit Tales open beta launch, players will have the chance to win huge prizes, including new Apple iPads and more, just for playing the game. For more information, visit: http://st.koramgame.com/


  1. It’s more class based then Eden Eternal, you are more specialized and fill roles instead of being able to switch around. The crafting and pet system is improved and the overall grind and questing is a little bit better. Overall it’s a little bit more updated then ET but not by that much, It comes down to the person playing. If you like the multi classing in ET, then play ET. If you find that annoying and want a more polished game with more focus on classes then play ST. Again I think the Pet and crafting is very well done in this game.

  2. This game is the exact same thing as Eden Eternal – same game engine, some sounds and animations are the same, the concept is the same, the only big difference is the camera perspective of Spirit Tales – it’s like Deathspank. I played for some 20 minutes. It sucks.

  3. It’s Eden Eternal with a noticeably more polished interface (as far as that’s possible) and a largely different graphical style. Nearly all of the mechanics are identical but each class is more self-sufficient due to the lack of constant switching.

    Bottom line: If you liked Eden Eternal but couldn’t care less for the free class switching or want a different art style then this is your game. Otherwise, look elsewhere.

    • I will say yes, my download took maybe 10 minutes, and in closed beta i spent a good 5 days playing it, Should keep you entertained that long atleast( If you like anime inspired game’s ! )


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