Last month, Standing Stone Games made the decision to offer nearly all of the content for The Lord of the Rings Online and Dungeons & Dragons Online for free until April 30. With that date just three days away and people everywhere still sheltering at home, SSG has decided to extend the offer for an additional month, as well as handing out bonus gifts to VIPs.

LotRO and DDO players can now enjoy “the open questing of all of our adventures and stories” until May 31. That’s all dungeons and raids, including those in expansion packs, for DDO, and all quests, instances, and skirmishes, including those in expansion packs, for LotRO. Additionally, VIP subscribers in DDO can log in at any time in the month of May to receive an extra 10 slots of Shared Bank Storage and a Siberys Spirit Cake. LotRO VIPs will receive a selection box of medium carryalls and a Greater Morale Potion if they log in during the month.

As was the case last time, this is a nice gesture and a great option for new and returning players to enjoy Standing Stone’s games during the current global situation. One has to wonder, however, at the length of such promotions and the unwarranted optimism that goes with them, which seems to assume that everything will be back to normal in just a few weeks. If I were a betting hobbit, I’d guess that around the end of May, I’ll be writing about how this offer has been extended for an additional month — and maybe again in June and in July and …



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