Let’s hope that we’re nearing the end of news regarding the catastrophe that was the server instability for Dungeons & Dragons Online and The Lord of the Rings Online over the past month. LotRO seems to be doing fine now, but the Wayfinder server for DDO suffered a rollback that wiped out three weeks of progress. The compensation for such a disaster needed to be significant, and Standing Stone Games is making good on that promise.

Community Manager Cordovan has laid it all out in a thread on the DDO forums. Through Aug. 23, all players on Wayfinder will receive large bonuses to their progress, and VIPs have had their subs extended for an additional 30 days. All DDO Point purchases made during the affected time have been refunded, and characters created before July 15 will receive items granting two million XP at a later date.

In addition, we’ve heard that the July summer sales will be coming back, for all players on all servers, as a result of the Wayfinder rollback. That’s not a bad idea, making at least something available even to players who weren’t affected and are probably a little apprehensive about playing, for fear that they’ll be next.


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