Things were bad for a long time for The Lord of the Rings Online and Dungeons & Dragons Online servers, then they got good, and now they may have gotten really bad. In particular, players on DDO’s Wayfinder server are going to have three weeks of progress wiped out, following “a significant issue” with the game’s data center that corrupted character data. Oof.

Standing Stone Games spelled out the gory details on the game’s forums: Wayfinder has been rolled back to 7:30 a.m. Eastern on July 15, with all progress since that time irrevocably lost. SSG is working to refund points spent on character-based purchases in that time (account-bound purchases are intact), though there was no time frame given on when that will happen. Naturally, additional gifts will be handed out as compensation, and hopefully, they’ll be more than two days of premium time this time around.

Wayfinder is just one of eight DDO servers, so even if it’s completely abandoned after this mess, it might not be too apocalyptic for the game as a whole. Still, I’d be wary of playing a game that suffered such a catastrophe to one of its servers — and if I was on the affected server, it’d be a very long time before I returned, if I did at all.


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