If you were as iffy as we were over the Dungeons & Dragons Online “Season Pass” that was revealed and put on sale for $299 earlier this week, prepare to be … well, less iffy over a similar package that’s now being offered by Standing Stone Games for The Lord of the Rings Online.

The LOTRO Legacy Bundle includes one year of VIP access, with all the requisite perks that come with that. You’ll also receive a Crystal of Remembrance for every character on your account, including ones you make in the future, and a slew of bonus items: the Premium Wallet, 250 Mythril Coins, stat tomes, deed boosts, mounts, and a housing kit with a bunch of decorations.

Other than the length of the VIP subscription (one year vs. two) and its cost ($199 vs. $299), the biggest difference between the DDO and LOTRO packages is that the DDO one offers you all future content — except expansions! — while the LOTRO one gives you all past content. That includes “Quests, Instances, Skirmishes, Raids, Deeds, and Regions that LOTRO has released as of December 31st, 2018, even quests from Expansions!”

As you can see on the LOTRO Store, Quest Packs range in price from 595 to 1,495 LOTRO Points. Add them all up and you get 12,725 LOTRO Points, which would run you about $127.25. Just a year of VIP for $99 makes the package worth more than the $199 price of the Legacy Bundle. Sounds like a much better deal than the DDO package, doesn’t it?

The only negative I’d see is that the DDO bundle seemed more geared toward existing players, with its semi-promise of granting future content, while the LOTRO package is a better deal for new players, who don’t have all of that older content unlocked. For a veteran LOTRO player like myself, I’d pass, especially if I did have one of those old-school lifetime subscriptions (which I do). If you’re a new player, though — especially one who’s always wanted to try LOTRO but never found the time to do so — it looks like one heck of a deal.


  1. I was more excited by the title and thought that it was a lifetime subscription thing that some mmos used to offer. Glad to see they are offering this but I can buy a lot of regular games for $200 – and unless this included all future expansions I am not interested.


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