Season passes aren’t just for PvP games any more. Standing Stone Games has announced a season pass for Dungeons & Dragons Online that lasts for two years, is available in limited quantities, and offers rewards beyond the typical VIP subscription.

The DDO Season Pass goes for a cool $299 and lasts for two years — basically all of 2019 and 2020. For your investment, which breaks down to $12.50 per month, you’ll get all VIP perks, such as 500 DDO Points per month and bonus XP, along with the usual VIP-only content. (Notably, expansions are not included in this deal.) However, once your Season Pass expires — all the way in 2021 — you’ll get to keep that content, even if you’re not a VIP any more. You also get a daily free gold dice roll, the Silver Dragon armor cosmetic set, and a Heroic Otto’s Box, which goes for 4,995 DDO Points.

The catch is that only 1,000 DDO Season Passes are being offered. They’ll be put up for sale starting Dec. 7 at 12:00 p.m. Eastern and stop being offered on Dec. 16 at 11:59 p.m. Once they’re gone, they’re gone — unless more are somehow made available through the magic of technology.

Right now, you can purchase a full year as a VIP in DDO for $99, so it’s two years for $198. The 4,995 Points needed for the Heroic Otto’s Box would run you another $50. That’s $248 total. The extra $51 the Season Pass costs you would net you the gold rolls, armor set, and the ability to keep all your perks afterwards if you didn’t keep up your VIP subscription.

But who is this for? If you’re committed enough to buy the Season Pass, you’re probably going to keep your VIP membership up in perpetuity. Is the extra loot, and the fact that you’re “locked in” for two years, worth the extra $51? At the very least, expansions should be included in the cost of the Season Pass. Without that, the Season Pass would be a pass for me, at least. What do you think?


  1. how many people play DDO? I thought it was 1 million back in 2008, but lately I’ve heard of less than 100K. Anyone?

  2. This is the same joke as LOTRO. Super expensive and complete lack of content and quality control.

    I play ESO and it offers you a lot more for less money. You can buy ESO Plust for $15 a month and each month this earns you various rewards some of which is Crowns. Crowns are the currency for the Crown store in which you can buy a lot of useless cosmetic crap, but you can also buy DLCs and Chapters with them. So when you have ESO Plus running, you have access to everything in the game, then they give you Crowns so you can buy every DLC and Chapter and stop paying for ESO Plus.

    And even without having this, you get a lot of content for just buying the base game. Currently the ratio between the addition and base content is 1:6 with 6 in favor of base content.

    LOTRO and DDO are a joke, don’t waste your time and money on them.

  3. I’m shocked that this title is still around, I know there are plenty of DD players that love that game. Honestly, I thought it was a dead game 3 years ago. More power to them, I’m not sure how this is a better deal versus just subscribing. If they are doing this to keep the doors open for the players that do like it, I’m all for it.

    • Does seem a bit expensive, just before Christmas too. Still enjoy the game with friends though.

      “zero zero a mth max and they’d get more customers.”

      They do already have a free mode, all games have to make money somehow. You can play it for free though if you want to spend the time earning the ddo points to buy the ingame expansions. Have plenty of friends who did just that.


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