Love It Or Hate It: The Lord of the Rings Online

Remember the dark times, i.e. when The Lord of the Rings Online and Dungeons and Dragons Online were not-so-online for a few days as Standing Stone Games moved its data centers? If you were affected by either downtime — or heck, even if you weren’t and just want some free stuff — SSG’s got you covered, with a code you can use to receive free items in both games.

That code is REWARD2019, and it’s valid once per account (per game) until April 30. You don’t even need to be affected by the downtimes; just apply the code on your account page on either game’s site. One person has a link to an image of everything you get in the LOTRO package, while responses to the DDO package seem to be more mixed.

The only problem I see is if there’s another issue this year that Standing Stone Games feels the need to compensate players for. If that happens, what code will it use? REWARD2019AGAIN? And if it happens a third time? REWARD2019YETAGAINWEREREALLYSORRY? Better make sure not to have any major issues until 2020.


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