On Wednesday, March 6, both Dungeons & Dragons Online and Lord of the Rings Online servers were brought down for some planned data center work. The games were brought down around 2:00 AM Eastern and the plan was to bring them back up around Midnight the same day.

For most of the day, everything was going fine according to both games’ update tweets. Then, about a half an hour prior to when the game was scheduled to come back up, both accounts announced the downtime would be extended at least another 11 hours. Since then, all updates on Twitter have been pretty much the same… progress is being made, but downtime will be going on a bit longer.

As of three minutes ago, the downtime has been extended to 6:00 PM Eastern today adding an extra four hours to the last update.

At this time no mention has been made regarding possible compensation for the downtime — although players have mentioned losing time on an event in DDO. Of course, it’s safe to assume the team is more worried about getting the game up at the moment. So if there will be anything in compensation for the lost time, we won’t hear about it until later.

Those wanting constant updates on the downtime will want to keep an eye on both the LotRO and DDO Twitter accounts.


  1. Sorry to hear for the Lotro players, DDO as well though I’m more shocked the game is still in operation (Joke). Hopefully, they can work out the issues.


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