If you didn’t get enough fanboy squealing in from all the voice actors who signed on for Star Trek Online’s Voyager-themed Delta Rising expansion, Perfect World and Cryptic have one more for you to gush over, while also tying up a bunch of loose ends.

“What’s Left Behind” is the epilogue to the Delta Rising story, which is summed up in one ominous sentence: “The alliance helped save the quadrant. But what’s left behind might be the greatest danger of them all.” OK, that’s two sentences.

Robert Picardo returns to provide the voice of the Doctor, and joining him for this ride is Denise Crosby as former Enterprise-D security chief Tasha Yar. But wait, wasn’t Tasha Yar killed back in season one of The Next Generation? But then she traveled back in time on board the Enterprise-C and had that half-Romulan daughter. But why would any of them be in the Delta Quadrant? I’m so confused.

Anyway, you can learn more about the bonus episode here. Just try not to think too much about the ramifications for the time-space continuum — it’ll probably crash your game.



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