Looking to get into Star Trek Online but don’t know where to start? Other than by actually downloading the free game and paying attention to the tutorials? One STO fan’s five-year mission is to make all that busywork unnecessary, as he’s produced a series of “Let’s Play”-styled videos to ease new players into Cryptic’s MMO.

Decorated captain and leader of the multi-fleet Starfleet Task Force alliance winters83 (no relation) explains his videos on the STO forums, saying that they were made on a completely F2P account and that they’re intended to teach the systems and the UI on PC but should be just about the same for console players.

You can view the playlist, which is currently up to 31 videos, with a “new video every weekday,” on his WintersGaming YouTube channel. If you’re looking to hop into STO for the first time, it’s not a bad place to start.


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