Star Trek Online’s Delta Rising expansion is just around the bend, raising the level cap for players and delving further into the Voyager plot line with additional territory and characters on October 14, 2014. That’s a little less than a month away, so if you’ve been grinding away in Star Trek Online, it’s about time for some new content.

To coincide with the latest expansion release, there’s a brand new developer blog that details equipment and more regarding the Delta Rising expansion. For instance, the level cap rising means that Mark XI equipment will pale in comparison to Mark XIV equipment — though you shouldn’t resign yourself to having to painstakingly gather new pieces of equipment just yet. Delta Rising’s new upgrade system will allow you to take equipment you’re not quite ready to dispose of and upgrade it to an acceptable level.

In addition, you can use upgrade kits (as well as buying, crafting, and trading them) for tech points. If you amass enough tech points and pay a dilithium fee, you can just upgrade the item to the next rank up. The official blog has more details regarding what you can do with the old equipment, but rest assured in the fact that you’ll likely get to keep it all and use it just like you normally would even with the new expansion.

Are you looking forward to Delta Rising?



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