When Star Trek Online‘s Awakening update arrives, players will have five new Discovery-related patrols to take part in. The patrols center on J’Ula of House Mo’Kai’s effort to create a new superweapon. Luckily, players will have the assistance of Lt. Commander Paul Stamets and Captain Kuumaarke.

Between now and the release of Awakening, the STO team will be dropping information on each of the patrols. The first, titled Sentinels, takes players to a research facility on a small moon in the Donatu System, where researchers are studying protataxites stellaviatori. J’Ula is after the spores found in this particular biological and its up to the players to keep the raiders at bay.

In order to participate in these patrols, players will need to complete the episode “Beneath the Skin.”


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