In just a couple more days (November 16th), RIFT’s Starfall Prophecy expansion will go live. For a while now the developers have been showing off different bits of content being added with the expansion — however, not much time was spent on dimensions. But, don’t worry! If you’re one of those players who are really into dimension building, there’s plenty of content for you to look forward to in the expansion.

RIFT fansite Dimension Gallery popped into beta and took a peek at all the new goodies coming to dimensions. This ranges from an upgrade of the Ovog Shrine and the addition of the incredibly dark Charmer’s Caldera to new pillars, plants, houses, and more.

You can check out all the nifty new things coming to dimensions in the video above.

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    • I stopped caring about them soon as they took some of the core features like blockades out of archeage. It ruined the asspects of the game sure it helped the community but I think it needs blockades to make it more like a fantasy MMO. Trion also charges an arm and a leg for stuff on their stores sites it’s why I quit using their games and stopped giving a f.u.c.k about them. It’s just not worth it and they give horrible support so not worth it. You would be better off playing other games.


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