If you’ve been holding off on playing Star Trek Online because you simply don’t feel like leveling yet another character in an MMO, the upcoming Delta Recruitment event running from April 2nd until May 21st may interest you. The free-to-play game from Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios is advertising this event as the “most new-player friendly (event) the game has seen in almost two years, and the perfect time to join the community of Star Trek Online.”

Basically the event designates characters created during the event as “Delta Recruits” and gives them a parallel story and set of missions to play as they please while working through their faction’s normal leveling missions. Delta Recruits also get Dilithium Ore generated when defeating enemies and members of their group get this bonus as well. Enjoy the extra ore fast though as this trait will go away when the event ends.

The Delta Recruitment event is aimed at getting players ready for the game’s upcoming Iconian War. The more captains each faction has, the better, so get leveling as soon as the event starts.

In addition to all of the above benefits and rewards, Star Trek Online plans to add a ton of extra perks as well. So many so that even their own official announcement says they don’t have the room to list them all out. If you already have every character slot full, don’t worry, every account will be getting a free extra character slot so you can create a Delta Recruit as well.

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  1. I stopped playing because Cryptic is completely singly with their inventory space.
    Way too much items in game and very very little space to put it in.
    then they want to over charge you real money to have more space.
    But here is the kicker. youll only get 8 little tiny squares.

    Also, you have to pay real money to have more characters.
    its like they are forcefully trying to put their hands in your pocket and yank money out of it.

    I dont mind paying Devs for their hard work, but I rather pay it into cosmetic items.
    But cryptic decides they rather have a payment known as “Pay To Be Comfortable”
    So for those reason, I dont play ANY cryptic games.

    I always make sure my kids, family, friends and I stay as far away from cryptic as possible.
    trust me, i wont lose any sleep over it, there are millions of games that replaces cryptic games.

  2. I sure hope that isnt how they are marketing this event. “Come join our game for this is the 1st time in 2years we actually gave a Sh*T about new players!”

    I played this game for about a year but feel like this game is in the same boat at SWTOR or LOTRO. Simply not a great game but because its got that star trek theme to it it makes you WANT to play. I really hope sometime we can get great MMOS for the titles we love such as Lord of The Rings, Star Wars, & Star Trek.


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