Here’s your latest engine of destruction in Obsidian Entertainment’s upcoming tank battler Armored Warfare: the M1128 MGS Stryker Armored Fighting Vehicle. Yes, that’s “Stryker” with a “y.” So hip!

As a wheeled vehicle, the Stryker has great maneuverability and speed, while its 105mm gun offers some serious firepower, and it’s got plenty of upgradeable elements. Also, according its Wikipedia page, the Stryker “can alter the pressure in all eight tires to suit terrain conditions” and each one costs $4.9 million. Your tax dollars at work!

Oh, and it’s named after not one, but two deceased soldiers named “Stryker.” Sorry about making fun of the name, guys. It just sounded like the equivalent of trying to make your game cool by substituting a Z for an S.


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