Vostok Games released another update for their free-to-play game Survarium. The new update is mostly a collection of improvements — both technical and quality of life. While there’s a pretty good sized list of changes, Vostok highlights four main things: improvements to inflicted damage visualization as well as technical improvements, changes to item modification reroll mechanics, and new weapons.

The improvements to the inflicted damage visualization are focused on the hit marker. Depending on the level of damage done, the hit marker will change in size and thickness. Technical improvements include optimization to important bits of code so that they perform calculations more actively and effectively.

As far as item modification goes, players can now reroll modifiers at any time using a small amount of spare parts. This replaces the old system of rerolling using silver once every 6 hours.

Finally, the update also replaces the Fringe Settlers’ RPK-74m on tier 8 with a Fort-401 light machine gun. The RPK will still be used and still be around — as the 8th tier weapon for the Renaissance Army. In addition, there will be two new rare weapons: the L85A2 tier 8 assault rifle and the Pancor Jackhammer tier 10 automatic shotgun.

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