Free-to-play Shooter Survarium Will Shut Down In May

Vostok Games "will fully focus on the new project already in development."

Jason Winter
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Vostok Games' free-to-play shooter Survarium will not survive the month of May. A message on the game's website today laid out the grim news: Despite "how important and special the project has become to many of you," it is with a "grieved heart" that the decision has been made to shut down the game by the end of May.

The game will proceed "in full scope" through to the end of March, with updates, technical support, and a fully functioning store. In April, support and the store will be discontinued and every player will receive 50,000 gold and 500,000 silver. Mid-May will see a new event dedicated to the game's closure and its loyal players, after which the servers will be taken offline for good. After that happens, the Vostok Games team "will fully focus on the new project already in development."

Vostok Games was formed in 2012 by former employees of GSC Game World, the developer behind the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series after S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 was cancelled. (A sequel is finally planned for launch in December of this year, 13 years after the last game in the series was released.) While similar in theme and setting, the two games are not officially related.

Survarium has been in early access on Steam since April 2015. When we asked their PR manager at that time when the official launch would be, he said that PvP was "about 80% complete" and the official release date would be "the day when players are able to play all the initially announced play modes." Apparently, that day will never come.

Survarium The End

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afgan 1 year ago
I am kind of disappointed and almost feel robbed of something. I consider that simply shutting down the servers is controversial for the game which is online only. That means anyone who have ever played the game they just lose everything. And money wise that is not big deal to me (but I know people who spent quite a bit of money on it), but the time is. I reckon I spent maybe £20 in game when they had discounts or harder times, so it was my sort of contribution for the future of the game, but likewise I have spent like 2200 hours playing it as a "alpha and beta tester". To be fair game sucked, especially in early days, but many people played believing they helping the project, so it is kind of unfair just leave all those players with completely nothing. I really think Vostok Games should consider issuing offline patch/lan server option before killing it. I appreciate that it is F2P and that by now people simply stopped purchasing stuff in store, game was kind of stale for a while. EFT kind of took away major chunk of community there, Stalker 2 coming next year (hopeful) and it was really the end of it, let's not forget this was stop-gap before or instead Stalker 2, So it make sense that they killing the game as it no longer pays for itself and they are not in business of charity. Yet I think just shutting it down means that all the time and all the money which was spent on the game is in vain, so company kind of owns it to the community to leave a lifeline for the game, give an options for the fans to host it and play it from time to time, not just destroy it forever.

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