Wild Terra Online is already discounted by 67% in the Steam Lunar New Year Sale, and it’s about to get an even further discount — all the way down to zero. Developer Juvty Worlds made the announcement yesterday, and will flip the switch on its survival MMO next Wednesday, Feb. 12, making it fully free-to-play.

Most of the details in the announcement post focus on what players who purchased the game will receive — namely, that they’ll receive the Veteran Pack, which is labeled as having a “10,000+ gold value” and contains 30 days of premium time and other goodies. That at least indicates that the game will have some kind of optional subscription, and it already has a cash shop, so the transition to F2P shouldn’t be too strenuous.

So give Wild Terra Online a look next week if the notion of surviving in the wild and fending off hungry bears in an isometric world appeals to you. If you’re really lucky and leave a positive review, maybe your name will be featured in an official screenshot, too.

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    • They were giving away keys on numerous occasions last year. I got the game for free with such a key, played for 10 minutes and uninstalled.

      The game is going F2P and was giving away keys, because it’s boring and mediocre and playerbase is non-existent.


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