Billing itself as “the world’s first MOBA-inspired vehicle action game,” Switchblade is the first entry from developer Lucid Games, but it’s not being created by new developers. Touting a team that’s made up of veterans from Bizarre Creations, makers of vehicular games Project Gotham Racing and Blur, Switchblade is a car-based MOBA that’s racing onto PC and PlayStation 4.

Switchblade features 5v5 combat that sounds distinctly MOBA-like, with talk of classes, towers, and friendly mobs that you need to escort. That said, the screenshots make things seem a little more open, which you might want from a game that uses cars instead of champions, and there’s an emphasis on your driver as something separate from the vehicle(s) he drives, which you can swap during a match. Also, there’s this:

Broadcast to a worldwide audience in an interactive spectator mode that constantly influences in-game action.

So there’s a little traditional MOBA action and a few things that seem to be unique to Switchblade. If it all sounds interesting to you, head on over to the website and register for the beta on PC or PS4.

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  1. Stanly on August 10, 2018

    Is Heavy Metal Machines not older and also a vehicle moba?

  2. Skato on August 10, 2018

    This has potential to be really fun, or really trash. Needless to say, I’m excited to try it out.