Okay, Don’t take that headline as meaning this is happening tomorrow. In fact, it might help to think of it as a Christmas present. According to the latest PSO2 Station! + stream on the PhantasystarCh YouTube Channel, Phantasy Star Online 2 players are finally going to get that Sword Art Online collaboration they’ve been asking for. The announcement came as a surprise near the end of the stream, where the hosts revealed it would be arriving “at the end of the year”. Later in the cast they go on to say December specifically.

YouTube’s translation is still a pain in the ass, but from what it didn’t seem to be screwing up, the team discussed upcoming collaboration items including weapon camo. They also noted that all of the collaboration items will be available via additional in-game content, rather than simply using the scratch during that time.

SAO characters Nikirito and Asuna will also appear in the game as NPCs.

Further details, like exactly what the SAO-themed items will look like weren’t revealed during the stream. Rather, the hosts did state that more information would be coming at a later date. That makes sense, since this was a surprise announcement in an already packed stream.

You can watch the stream below. I’ve queued it up for you, but just in case it doesn’t behave, the SAO discussion starts at 1:26:53.

Also, thanks to MMOBomber Ninja Pandas for the heads up.

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  1. All I can say is even if I don’t play PSO2 much or PSO2 is too complicated for me. I still want to check out SAO events and definitely try my best to get some SAO costume. I love SAO


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