Swords of Legends Online Kicks Off New Battle Pass Season And More Hard Raids

Season 3 includes all new costume sets, animations, and more.

QuintLyn Bowers
By QuintLyn Bowers, News Editor Posted:

Sword of Legends Online Season 3 Sprite

An all-new battle pass has dropped for Gameforge’s Swords of Legends Online. Season 3 introduces all-new cosmetic items to the game for players to earn between now and November 18. These items are acquired by completing various tasks and earning tokens (up to 10 a day). Once a player has enough tokens and hits the requisite milestones, they may use them to collect a reward.

The milestone rewards are available to everyone but, as with most battle pass situations, there is an option to purchase a Premium Pass that will add to your haul with exclusive, high-quality cosmetic items. The Premium Pass won’t include items that can actually help you in-game but some of the items look pretty nifty...like that little dude above or a very pretty pavilion.

If you’d like to know what you’re getting before you hop into the game, a full list of items from both the regular and premium Battle Pass can be found on Gameforge’s site. It also includes how many tokens are required for each item.

If you thought the Season Pass was everything, you’d be wrong. Today’s update also introduces the two remaining hard raids to the game. That would be Ice World and Ruins of Nuowu. It also introduces Halloween stuff – although you might have guessed that from the little ghost dude available in the Battle Pass.

Both Ice World and Ruins of Nuowu are level 80 raids that will drop level 90 gear and a whole host of other goodies – seal stones, talismans, recipes, and the like. Both can also be entered manually and no automatic matchmaking is available. Interestingly, Ice World does not specify a player count, but Ruins of Nuowu suggests bringing 10 to 20 players along.

Other additional content includes the new PvP season, slated to end November 11th. It also introduces two new boosts; Garden of Blade and Battle of the Continents. The former is for players with a rating of 2300 or below and will grant them more rating points when they win. The second moves players who have reached 2400 Combat Spirit up in rank to “Crimson Moonlight III” during the next weekly recalculation.

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