Pew pew pew! Get ready for space battles with other players in Star Wars: The Old Republic, because that seems to be the only option in the upcoming Galactic Starfighter expansion. News of this broke by the Unnamed SWTOR Podcast who spoke to BioWare’s Damion Schubert, Andrew Horwitz, and Eric Musco at a recent Community Cantina event.

Here’s what was gleamed from the podcast:

I asked about the possibility that Galactic Starfighter was designed with PvE in mind. [BioWare] said no, it was not. That is far far far far far down on the wall of crazy, is PvE Starfighter. [BioWare] said the biggest problems would be with scripting and 3-D AI; things that they don’t have in the game they would basically have to write fresh.

“The good thing about PvE is the good scripting. Getting the ability in at the right time makes it interesting and fun, but not unfair. You know, getting those enrage timers right. Getting like a DOT thrown out at the right time. Stuff that has to be done really well for PvE to work right. And for them to do that in space would be a lot of work. So problems with scripting and AI would be reasons that we won’t be seeing PvE Galactic starfighter.

While some may be disappointed at the lack of PvE in the Galatic Starfighter expansion, overall, this is a long overdue feature that was much needed in the SWTOR’s universe. But, if you were betting on PvE feature in Galactic Starfighter, hopefully you didn’t lose too much on that bet. You probably have a better chance at discovering midi-chlorian in human DNA than seeing PvE in Spaceeeeeee. Watch the trailer below to see the space action in all it’s glory.

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. This game for me felt like i was playing a single player ps3 game.Boring as hell..and the zones are just Bad feel like..well i can’t go over that way,or that way,must be this way..huh its the only way..O…lol

  2. Actually, I wouldn’t require PvE to consider the feature adequetly implemented. If the space was open, with space stations and planets, some sort of trade system implemented, with safe zones and danger zones that have open PvP and rare minerals to mine, then I wouldn’t even think about PvE.

    Besides. It’s not a technical issue that the space combat will remain in small match based maps.
    “3-D AI” is no more complicated to pull off then 2D. Other then the fact that I would mean that they have to throw more money at it. Why can’t they ever say ” We simply don’t have the budget. “?Also, no idea why he was bring out the stuff about a well timed DOT, was that supposed to be an argument against 3D AI ?

  3. As long as it is in no way making you travel in a arcade type direction like it does already and you are truly in control of you’re ship I’m happy to see this… 2 years to late but if anything gets me to play SWTOR again it may be this expansion…
    I miss you Star Wars Galaxies.


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