When publisher OGPlanet brought Tactical Intervention out of its almost three year beta this past March, their expectations for the game and its future were high. Now, just over a month later, OGPlanet has decided to end service for the game due to the lack of a large enough fanbase to support the game. All servers for the game will officially close on June 10th.

Current players who purchased in game items with Astro credits can expect a full refund of the credits by June 14. Additionally all in-game items that previously required Astro credits will be available for purchase using game points until the service ends.

As a thank you to loyal fans, OGPlanet is offering bonus items to any Tactical Intervention players who try out their other games before June 30th. For more information you can read OGPlanets release here.

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  1. Este juego es Sorprendente! En Argentina Somos 30 personas que usamos Arma 2 y no pudimos resistirnos a la mezcla de simulación y diversión que este juego tiene. Estamos muy tristes de la baja de Intervención Táctica. Disfrutábamos mucho mezclar nuestro estilo de juego en su plataforma! Una pena enorme dejar caer un juego para gente que verdaderamente juega en equipo las cuales brotan Epicas batallas de tiros y caballerosidad. El juego fue Espectacular Pulgar arriba!

  2. OFC they don’t have a good player base.
    Because of IP Block, I was in close beta every thing was going good till open beta IP BLOCKED.
    F*ck that company.

  3. I knew this was going to happen eventually. When I tried the game out myself, I noticed at least 3 to 6 hosted servers close to full. That is barely more than the zombie master community. Kills me to see this go.

  4. I wanna ask somethink else has nothink to do with this site I wanna download Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 But as far as i know Thepiratebay is broken or has some broken files …Anyway does anybody knows if there is any site which i can download it without having virus ofcourse…I dont want to mess my pc ….

  5. At last some good news, SHUT DOWN EVERY shitty game, and then focus on making GOOD GAMES, and WE LOVE Oldschool and retro style of gaming but we like to play games in this style, not games which are so horrible that they could be released back then, coz it sucks

  6. figures… I mean you can’t wait 10 years to release an already outdated looking game as it would just flop anyway

  7. lol i had no idea this game was even released , serves them right for keeping the release a secret , next time ADVERTISE YOUR GAME AND THEY WILL COME .

  8. I’ve been waiting for this game to come out for 2 years, then it’s out. And I can’t play it because there’s no global server. Then I waited for a few months for a global server and BAM! This made me very sad… The game looks very good ;_;

  9. Tactical Intervention should have instead an International English-language version… but wait the game’s entry at Wikipedia is OUT-OF-DATE.

  10. I had a feeling this one wasn’t going to last long. It was competing against other higher production shooters (AvA, Warface, Tribes : Ascend, Firefall, the list goes on). The sad part is that shooters are never applauded nowadays for any potential substance–it very much is all about the visuals, as Call of Duty continues to prove with their yearly releases. What do you hear amongst all the CoD chatter? What do you hear when you walk into a gamestop and people are talking about CoD? All about the graphics. That’s all that people go on about concerning shooters and Tactical Intervention just wasn’t up to snuff in that department.

    • COD? all about graphics? HAHAHAHAHA.
      COD have outdated graphics so stop creating stories
      AvA? High production shooter? lel

      • COD all about graphics? YES (But it has terribad graphics, its a terrible game overall)
        AvA, high production shooter? YES

        You obviously know nothing please just shuddup! and that AHAHHAHAHAHAHAA made me feel like burning your house down :/

  11. You know, the funny thing is that they could’ve got a much larger fan base if they did something like, I don’t know, releasing it in Europe or something?

  12. it wasn,t really ogplanets’ fault since tactical intervention is a title owned by companies in other countries, in taiwan wasabii has a really large player database for tactical intervention and the servers are always full, in korea tactical intervention has been out for months before ogplanet’s release and the koreans place more than just ip bans….(social security numbers/ korean phone numbers needed to make a account, and there are other restrictions for games based on age)

  13. its 2013 year kids !!!!!!!!!!!! what is this sh** ?!?!?!?! i cant believe someone plays games like this… wanna cry

    • called playing an old school shooter derived from CS, guess you never played that before L, prob too stuck in modern cod-like games, wanna cry lol so sad

      • There’s a fine line between old school and just plain being behind the times. The game’s concept is warped to the point of losing all resemblance to CS. It might have been considered a decent game if this were 2005.


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