Take Over Europe In WW1 Grand Strategy Title Supremacy 1: The Great War

Jason Winter
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Bytro Labs has released Supremacy 1: The Great War, a new free-to-play grand strategy title that puts players in control of a nation during World War I. Diplomacy, espionage, and military might are all avenues that players can take, plotting out long-term tasks in real time to achieve their goals of conquest.

Supremacy 1 serves as a follow-up to Bytro's long-running Supremacy 1914, which was released in 2009 and is still running today. Supremacy 1 expands upon its predecessor's innovations, with new units and features, while offering a tutorial to help new players understand the nuances of the game's many complex systems.

Supremacy 1: The Great War is available on iOS and Android devices, as well as for HTML5 web browsers. A PC client on Steam will arrive at a later date. Learn more about the game on its website.

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