Players of Mad Otter Games’ MMO Villagers and Heroes can now take the game with them wherever they go thanks to a new mobile client. This isn’t a version of the game made just for mobile, nor is it a limited app for doing a few things like crafting or managing auctions. Rather, it’s the full client in mobile mode. The only difference is the control scheme.

As with the PC based client, players will have access to everything from all the classes to mounts, abilities, and even more than 1000 quests.

Players in the UK or Scandinavia can download the client now via the Android store. Everyone else will have to wait a bit longer to go mobile but can play the game for free via Steam.

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  1. I doubt it will happen since not alot of developers want’s to add apps to it but hopefully it will be added to the windows 10 store it’s pretty useful except there’s next to no apps in it.

    • Windows app store is a joke, the mobile market failed and no one in their right mind will invest time and money into porting and supporting an app on that store. Also no one is using the Store on desktop, at least when I had that funny beta they call Windows 10 on my PC, I disabled all apps, because they are useless, including the Store.

      • After thinking about it for a few days I gotta say your right. Windows app store kinda is a joke. I only abandoned windows 8 for windows 10 because of how horrible windows 8 was. I still think MMOs on the windows store would be a good idea like this one but I don’t see it happening since the mobile market for microsoft failed let’s just hope microsoft finally get’s it through their head that they their mobile market plan is stupid. I probably will never use the windows app store but I keep it active incase theres some things I do need like in the future till I leave to another OS which will probably be soon since windows 10 is horrible like mac or linux or chrome OS you never know if I will need the windows store. But I think the steam or the itunes store or even the google playstore is better off then windows till windows sets their store up better I won’t be come a legit windows store user and sorry this is a long rant I just been thinking about this for a few days like I said above but yeah windows store is a joke I do agree with that but I do still admit they implemented it better on the windows 10 OS then on their garbage windows 8 or 8.1 OS and I’d never recommand using windows 8 or 8.1 OS. I would recommand windows 10 over windows 8 or 8.1 even though windows 10 is kinda bad windows 10 looks better off in my opinion.

    • So true though but I feel it’s 100x better on windows 10 then on windows 8 or 8.1 I mean windows 10 mobile sucks and I’ll never buy it and probably never take off but I see some use in the windows 10 app store for desktop but not alot though.

    • Also it’s sad to see the mobile market fail for microsoft but theres a chance for google since they are porting the google playstore from android to chrome OS and I think they already did it to some chrome OS devices if not all but it’s filled with way more apps then apps then on the windows store at least but just wish the chrome OS device was as useful as windows.


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